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Return Leg Gives Productive Exposure To The Ladies

Posted on April 10, 2021 at 9:50 AM

Two weeks after their inaugural Hilderinc Invitational against El’ Junior Westwood FC, the Hilderinc Ladies were on the road for the reverse fixture for their maiden away game.

Travelling to Woodlands, closest many of been to Malaysia in a year, the outing was keenly anticipated as the Ladies were eager for the adventure.

Still keeping to their dual objective of enjoying The Beautiful Game, while taking the opportunity for tangible assessment of their continued progress, the occasion added a third element of exposing them to the challenges of an away game, though the weather was a credible test.

Having honed themselves well on their own turf, the girls from El’ Junior wasted little time to welcome the Hilderincs will quick football, and still settling down, the Blacks were left on the back foot from the get-go, though they had own good transitions, the task of adapting to the new surroundings proved to be telling.

As the afternoon went on, the Ladies were getting into a positive of play, which countered the earlier slow start.

At the end of the day, it was a prefect afternoon for the Hilderinc Ladies to enjoy themselves with the experience, create some festive atmosphere amongst themselves, and most of all the chance to build a greater bond as an exciting family!

Plans will be ramped up to add to the exposure while grander projects will enhance the growth and quality of the Hilderinc Ladies.

Hilderinc Ladies, Singapore Answer To Women's Grassroots Football!

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The Hilderinc Ladies Enjoy The Day Out

Posted on March 27, 2021 at 11:05 AM

Having had so many plans put on ice for the past year, the Hilderinc Ladies finally had the chance to be put to the action after all the training since they resumed after the Circuit Breaker on 4th July 2020.

Playing host to El’ Junior Westwood FC in the inaugural Hilderinc Invitational, the Ladies, who have spent the last eight months faithfully gearing themselves, were delighted to have the chance to pit themselves against another side outside of their own circle.

Planned with a dual objective as an International Women’s celebration and a chance for tangible assessment of progress, the girls from El’ Junior provided quality opposition for the Blacks in the four-game series, punching beyond their youth, showing good composure and poise as they put on a credible show against the hosts.

The Hil Ladies’ four sides, equally involving experienced and very new players, some who picked up the game just a week ago, were expected to have a good run out and enjoy the day as their overarching objective, especially when it was the first “competitive” action for the majority, but there were a lot of positives to take back, and some to improve on.

The captains of the sides accomplished their roles with top marks, leading the way and making quality decisions, while the rest of the players gave their full effort despite the lack of experience, but this was exactly what this invitational was meant to give all.

Not since mid-2019, when they played a 11v11 friendly game against GDT Circuit FC and won the D2D Women’s Futsal League and Cup double, that the Hilderinc Ladies have faced an external opposition, and a lot have changed since then, but the way forward is exciting with this cohort.

On another highlight, it was the first time a Hilderinc side run out in their brand-new Muddy Murphy’s sponsored kit, though it was a year overdue, as it was to have debuted during the men’s ESPZEN Saturday League Division 1 campaign in April 2020, but it was fitting that the Club’s Crown Jewels would be the first to grace it, and they certainly pulled of excellently.

The Ladies will look forward to the return leg in a couple of weeks’ time when El’ Junior Westwood FC will play host to the Blacks, and the Hilderincs will surely be keen to keep improving and progressing!

Hilderinc Ladies, Singapore Answer To Women's Grassroots Football!

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Relaxed 20th Birthday For Hilderincs

Posted on June 10, 2020 at 11:30 PM

With the year 2020 having started in the most unprecedented of ways in history, and with far greater attention given to unparalleled settings, other aspects of life as we know it has grounded to a screeching halt, including the Beautiful Game.

Consequently, what would have been a significant day for Hilderinc Football Club now takes a more casual tone as the Blacks quietly turn 20 years old on 14th June.

With grand plans for celebration on the ice till appropriate and safer times, the Hilderincs self-reflect on the amazing journey that began on an unassuming Sunday afternoon 20 years to the date when six strangers met for a kickabout, totally obvious of what was to follow.

Fast forward to the present, the Hilderincs, who has held steadfast to the core and foundational values of inclusivity, regardless of whatever societal differences, with the love of the Beautiful Game the ultimate motivation, now boasts about over 200 members across the Hilderinc FC, Hilderinc Ladies and Hilderinc Twā sides, unimaginable feat when the initial six began.

Extraordinarily, none of this achieved through association with any organisation, society, school alumni, nor was is based on a common ethnicity, language, locality of origin or interest, but it has been truly a gathering of people of all walks of life, coming to be part of a Family, the Hilderinc Family.

Having restructured in 2015 with registration with the Singapore Registry of Societies, and setting up of the management committee, the Club ushered in a foresighted expansion in 2017 after their migration to Saturday League, with the formation of Hilderinc Twā, which brought the Blacks back to Sunday football and the Hilderinc Ladies, the Crown Jewel of the Club, and probably Singapore’s only Women’s Grassroots football outlet, freestanding from an inward-looking establishment.

With several plans in the pipeline, the Club is only restricted by limited resources, but will patience, the well-intended ideas will be translated to platforms for more to be part of this exciting group, regardless of race, language, religion, nationality, gender, origination or any differences, because sports, and football in particular brings and unities people and changes lives.

Though the day may be subdued, absent of a worthy birthday bash, reflection of where the Club has come from, and its potential of where it can go is a reason enough to cheerful, and indeed the Hilderincs will celebrate and indeed they will play again very soon!

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Hilderincs Staying Up, Albeit In Peculiar Conclusion

Posted on March 31, 2020 at 12:30 AM

HFC Media Picture

While the current affairs overshadow football in every sense of the word, Hilderinc FC were given a rare reason to cheer after it was confirmed that they will retain their status in the ESPZEN Saturday League Division 1 for the new season, when it eventually kicks off at an appropriate time.

Having endured a bewildering campaign from the onset, the Blacks’ maiden expedition in the top flight would duly provide an equally eccentric finish when their final league tie against already relegated Athletic Uncles over the weekend was brought to a grinding halt by Government measures announced in the light for more pressing issues.

After having secured mathematical safety even before kickoff last Saturday after their closest rival at the basement of the table, Mariners11 FC, decided to forfeit their concluding game, the Hilderincs were keen to seal their stay in Division 1 on their own merit with a win to end the season on a positive note while setting themselves up for the new campaign on a stronger footing, especially with recent display against Honey Badgers providing true indication of their true value.

However, as with all the drama of the preceding months, the Blacks are forced to keep to the wild script yet again as they now have to wait until 9 May 2020, at the earliest, to officially put a finale to a season that has been an incomprehensible ride of tumbles.

And while one straightforward game remains, an outlandish scenario of Mariners11 FC beating on-form Club M FC by at least a 18 goal margin while the Blacks lose to Athletics, will see the them drop into bottom two to face life in the second tier; although such a bizarre situation seems remotely improbable, stranger things have curtailed HFC the past 10 months.

As nothing can be discounted in this inexplicable times, the migration of a couple of teams has given the Hilderincs another shot at redeeming themselves in ESPZEN Saturday Division 1 whatever the result of the aforementioned be.

If it is not befuddling enough, the Hilderincs’ own end of the season formalities has now been complicated by their failure to end their fixture last Saturday, as they are scheduled to start the new term a week after they end their overdue obligations of the past one, putting their pre-season programme, end of season celebration and awards ceremony in disarray, more so when individual honours are still on the tenterhook with not much between the frontrunners in a weak contest, though not reflective of the actual endeavours and earnest efforts of the players on the pitch over the course of a trying run.

Their travails, insipid in comparison to the worldwide cauldron, the Blacks, who will work out the necessary to administer these trivial inconveniences, will be glad that they have been given a reprieve to prove themselves again in the top flight, but they will have to make an instantaneous start once some sort of normality resumes in a month’s time, more so with a shorter campaign with rivals with little flaws, they will not have room for similar escape.

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A Proper Division 1 Display By The Hilderincs At Last

Posted on March 21, 2020 at 11:40 AM

HFC Media File Picture

After going through an entire campaign of ego-bruising and morale sapping run, longsuffering Hilderinc FC, who had been critically restricted by injuries and unavailabilit-ies to key players in this time, belatedly put a display of an apposite Division 1 side, though the final result would be hard on the battling Blacks as they fell just short against league runners-up Honey Badgers FC.

Having been given a rude awakening in their first game of the season back in August, when the Hilderincs fell to their biggest league defeat in their history, an ignominious feat which was repeated twice in the following months in a dreadful debut in the top flight of the ESPZEN Saturday League, the Blacks were decidedly determined to learn from the lessons of the reverse fixture, especially when they had most of the players back in the fold, in addition to four recent recruits, in a what was the most complete squad in nearly 10 months.

Despite the eccentric backstory to this tie, which was twice rearranged due to the Blacks’ privation, the Badgers who, a month ago, elected to postpone the fixture rather than take a walkover win after the Hilderincs decided to forego a game for the first time in their history, turned up with a professional approach without any tetchiness.

Within the first minutes, there was a sense that it would a more competitive game than the previous one as the Hilderincs looked a lot ready this time around.

Keeping to the playbook, the Blacks were stoic against the expected attention, while causing discomfort at the other end, as they tried to trouble the Badgers’ stand-in goalkeepers.

In a more even game, the midfield found most action has both sides tried to get one better of the other in a tense showdown, and though the Badgers would come close to the opener, the Hilderincs’ backline remained un-breached.

However, for all the hard work, a rare tardiness in reaction allowed the Badgers to take advantage and score just before the first quarter. Remarkably the Blacks were already five down at this point of time eight months ago.

After some choice words and a slight alternation to a system that had proved operational, the Hilderincs increased the tempo in search of the leveller before the break, and while they were more industrious, the Blacks were equally fortunate to remain only a goal adrift after the Badgers failed to capitalise on their chances as HFC exposed themselves overly in their forward pursuit.

The Hilderincs were a different beast in the second half as they collectively harassed and chased down everything that moved around them.

It took them a little under 3minutes to register their intentions when debutant, Madalin Foghis sent Ian Morris through with a delightful through pass, but having retrieved the ball from an acute angle, the skipper’s cross was finger-tipped by the goalkeeper to deflect the ball away from the head of the Romanian who had positioned himself to finish off the move he had initiated.

After a phase of who blinks first in a midfield scrum as both sides went toe to toe in a chess match of sorts, the Blacks renewed their chase as they hunted like a pack of wolves in the final quarter of the game.

The Hilderincs thought they had pulled level in the 60th minute when Dionisis Kolokotsas’ long punt prompted a chase in the penalty box, and with Ian Morris blocking a clearance into the path of Diogo Baptista to toe poke the ball, which beat the goalkeeper, but crashed against the upright before being put out to safety.

It was relentless final 20minutes for the men in black as they pulled all the stops to get that elusive equaliser.

With the clocking running down, the Hilderincs were awarded a freekick and with Nico Olvera’s deadball prompting another reflex save from the Badgers keeper, Dionisis Kolokotsas’ follow up rebounded off the same post while the efflorescent Kieron Burrell’s attempt was hacked away in a goalmouth melee.

And seconds later, the Blacks looked to have won a penalty when the referee pointed to the spot after Nico Olvera was bundled over, but astonishingly he reversed his decision in irrational fashion to hand the opponents a freekick instead after a scuffle, leaving the Hilderincs perplexed at the rational of taking away an initial verdict as a possible “reprimand” for the scrap. Not sure if that is even in the Referee’s Handbook or Laws of the Game.

Although the Hilderincs would have benefitted from at least a draw for all their endeavours on the day, especially with the overturned penalty call, the underlining objective was to build the momentum for the final game of the season next week against Athletic Uncles, and a win against the bottom-dwellers will ensure they will avoid the drop to have another shot to prove that they are indeed a Division 1 team, more so after their performance today.

Note: Hilderinc Football Club would like to appreciate the Badgers again for the opportunity to the game.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 0 : Honey Badgers FC 1

MOM: Kieron Burrell

Yellow Cards: Nicholas Ledenmark, Nico Olvera, Mark Allen

Starting Line-up

1. Christopher Mark

2. Mark Allen

3. Dionisis Kolokotsas

4. Nicholas Ledenmark

5. Sunny Tharidu

6. Adi Ravikumar

7. Melvin Sathananthan

8. Kieron Burrell

9. Nico Olvera

10. Ian Morris

11. Madalin Foghis


12. Dery Purwandi

13. Diogo Baptista

14. Fahmy Barker

15. Koh Kah Hoong

16. Marc Trotter

17. Samuel Lalramnghaka

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Early Horror Show Scares Blacks

Posted on March 14, 2020 at 9:10 AM

HFC Media File Picture

With their return to conclude the final two league games of the season on the horizon, Hilderinc FC could not have expected a more curious final preparation game as they came away more relieved not to be at the end of an inexcusable hiding.

While such games are meant to formulate readiness for more competitive action, their shocking start, one of the worst in recent times, was incredibly dreadful, quite incomparable even for a side who has had some of the awful results the few months.

Finding no justification in the fact that many of the starters were still bedding themselves into the new setting, the Hilderincs were far from anything resemblance of a league side, playing against a social team.

Tripping and floundering over the basic, it was a surprise that they were not punished in the opening minutes, something that was sure to have transpired easily on any other day.

Surviving the initial scandalous deficiencies, the Blacks responded enough to adjustments made during the play, and progressively gained composure as the minutes got on, but had to wait until the first water break in an agonisingly sizzling day to make meaningful in roads to be productive.

Still laboured and inept, the Hilderincs had to wait until the half time break to arouse themselves to demonstrate what they can do when they are focused and be simplified with their football as they looked themselves for the first time in the tie.

However, a momentary lapse put them on the backfoot when FC Canto scored very much against the run of play.

The Hilderincs’ reaction was commendable as they responded with intensity and purpose, and come close to drawing parity with several opportunities, but most of which came close without the desired outcome.

It took the Blacks until after the final quarter to draw level when the scored through Mohd Erzan immediately after the final alternations were made.

They could have go on to win with couple more chances towards the end, but were unfortunate to see efforts drift wide of the post yet again as they settled for a lucky draw.

The Hilderincs will be greeted with at least a hundredfold intensity in the ESPZEN Saturday Division 1 next week, against an opponent who would be waiting to hand out another whacking after they decided against a walkover win instead to offer a postponement, and if the Blacks were any similar to how they turn up today, they will indeed be at the end of another unwanted record defeat.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 1 : FC Canto 1

Mohd Erzan 61’

Yellow Card: Sunny Tharidu

Starting Line-up

1. Christopher Mark

2. Mark Allen

3. Dionisis Kolokotsas

4. Nicholas Ledenmark

5. Adi Ravikumar

6. Sunny Tharidu

7. Melvin Sathananthan

8. Sam Bignell

9. Dery Purwandi

10. Ian Morris

11. Aamir Fikri


12. Lim Yong Kiat

13. Chua Yuxuan

14. Fahmy Barker

15. Jon Loh

16. Koh Kah Hoong

17. Marc Trotter

18. Mohd Erzan

19. Muhd Nazza

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Mixed Bags As Hilderincs Keep Gears Oiled

Posted on March 7, 2020 at 10:35 AM

HFC Media File Picture

Going into the second of three friendly game series, Hilderinc FC were in positive mood as they stepped up preparation ahead of their final couple of league fixtures to conclude their debut campaign in ESPZEN Saturday Division 1.

Glad to finally have Mika Michalowski, last season’s Player of the Season back in the fold, the Blacks were equally excited to improve their ranks with debutants, Vincent Wahala, Melvin Sathananthan and Dery added to the squad after they were left stymied by absent players, but with the Club deciding to refresh the squad, these additions were a timing one to replace their missing ones.

With objectives of friendlies always to experiment, the Hilderincs turned up with a variant formation, partly influenced by the limitations to both fullback roles, but also to infuse changeability, especially when matters on the pitch warrants alternations.

The fresh setup took little to settle in and within 5mins found themselves a goal to the good when goalkeeper Kelvin Lee’s huge punt upfield was bravely header into the net by Dery for an instant introduction in the Hilderinc colours.

Though positive in their approach, the Blacks were quickly pegged back when Skopet pulled level just 5mins later through a well-taken freekick, which caused the Hilderincs to stutter for weak reasons when they were primed to deal with the speculative threat from the opponents.

Such was their loss of focus that they found themselves a goal behind when lack of concentration duly had them punished heading into the first quarter of the tie.

Annoyed, the Blacks reorganised and simplified their tactics at the waterbreak and resumed in hell bend fashion, seeking immediate reaction to the first 20mins.

Moving Mika Michalowski to the forefront of attack and restructuring the middle of the park with Melvin Sathananthan, Sunny Tharidu and more mobile Vincent Wahala, the Blacks were dynamic off the blocks.

In a sweet 10 min period, the Hilderincs should have added four goals but when they were not whizzing past the upright through Michalowski and Wahala efforts, the post denied Ian Morris after an audacious attempt to loop the keeper from a tight angle, and most madly, a guilt-edge miss from last season’s player of the season when he put the ball over the crossbar with the goal begging to be breached.

Therefore, for all the retort, the Hilderincs went into the break curiously a goal behind.

The restart was full of intention, but it lasted a mere 2mins when a bad and unwanted mistake rendered the Blacks further adrift, even before they got going for the second half.

Hilderincs’ response was swift and could have pulled a goal back after Dery biting on every ball, latched onto a loose pass before finding Ian Morris, whose sweeping effort was only kept away by the fingertips of the goalkeeper.

Keeping the pressure, the Blacks were convinced that they had scored but a well-taken shot by Vincent Wahala smacked the upright, and agonisingly, Aamir Fikri’s follow up clipped the other upright before going out.

Dery was next to be denied, and this time it was the goalkeeper again who made an important save at the feet of the Indonesian after being set through by an intelligent Wahala pass.

Having denied four clear chances in the first 17mins of the second period, the Hilderincs highly aggrieved when they fell another goal behind with another carbon copy of the first half freekick, knocking them behind once again.

Now with nothing to lose in the final quarter, the Blacks removed all the stops in a bid to get something what of the game, even if intangible, to fulfil the objectives of the run out.

In full tilt, the Hilderincs were direct and forceful in their endeavours, seeking a way through as Mika Michalowski was restored to spearhead the push.

Working hard, the Blacks were yet again halted when the keeper, in the form of his life reacted with lightning reflexes to keep out a sliced ball from his own player, and Michalowski’s follow up was cleared on the line by the remaining defender, to give a sense of feeling that the Hilderincs are not going have their day.

However, the youngster’s persistence finally paid off when he forced his way into the penalty box and with the defender shadowing him inadvertently turned towards his own goal, Ian Morris swept the ball off his feet and into the net to half the deficit.

The final 10mins resembled a training target practice as the Blacks peppered the opponents half over and over again to claw level with efforts from Mika, Vincent, Melvin and Ian all coming close.

Though having had more than ten goal scoring opportunities in a game and not win would be hard felt, the Hilderinc produced one of their most hardworking game to date to give some positives going forward, especially with the reshaping of the squad with quality and consistency in numbers will be noteworthy as they look forward to their third and final prep game in a week’s time.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 2 : Skopet FC 4

Dery 5’, Ian Morris 69’

Starting Line-up

1. Kelvin Lee

2. Fahmy Barker

3. Dionisis Kolokotsas

4. Nicholas Ledenmark

5. Sunny Tharidu

6. Marc Trotter

7. Vincent Wahala

8. Mika Michalowski

9. Dery

10. Ian Morris

11. Aamir Fikri


12. Christopher Mark

13. Koh Kah Hoong

14. Melvin Sathananthan

15. Nabil Zahrif

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Hilderincs Unveil New Club Badge

Posted on March 1, 2020 at 8:40 PM

In celebration of having reached a significant milestone of 20 years, Hilderinc Football Club unveils an updated and refreshed Club badge to mark the occasion.

The previous emblem, launched in 2010, to coincide with the Hilderincs’ 10th Anniversary, will be replaced by the latest revision, which is tribute to the past, present and the future of this one of a kind amateur Club.

Selected after comprehensive rounds of selection involving over 200 members, across the Hilderinc Family, but in the end, by a substantial margin, one of the Hilderinc Ladies’ pioneer players, Elizabeth Png’s design came up tops, giving a lady’s touch to the historic moment.

Keeping the foundational elements of the Club with the flame, white shield and ball, the new design replaced the previously used “HFC” with the word “Hilderinc” to signify that the badge represents all the Hilderinc teams, as Hilderinc FC, Hilderinc Ladies and Hilderinc Twā will all spot a unified insignia.

Most noteworthy change to the former crest will be the inclusion of a pair of wings, which points to an upward trajectory of the Club, which continues to see growth and enlargement across the board, especially with the Hilderinc Ladies.

Despite of the rumours of war, and now outbreak of pestilence, 2020 has started fascinatingly for the Hilderincs, who only a week ago announced their new sponsors and clubhouse, Muddy Murphy’s, and with the launch of their new badge, only sets the tone for more good things in their 20th Anniversary.

While many will pride with a full trophy cabinet or excellently skilled players ply their primary football in higher echelons in the local scene; but or an ensemble that started in a park with six strangers, who did not even know if they will come again the next week, to grow into an officially registered Club with over 200 members, both active and non-active, many of the latter choosing to remain in the group despite having stopped playing for a long time, perhaps, the Hilderincs must have done something good along the way for them to feel part of a community, part of a FAMILY.

And as alluded in the updated badge, having come 20 years, and the Hilderincs are taking off for more and better things to come.

If you want to be part of this one of a kind community, please contact us at [email protected]


The Hilderinc Vision

We in Hilderinc Football Club see ourselves

· As an all-inclusive football team which embraces people of all race, language, religion and gender with the love of the Beautiful Game as our main motivation.

· As a team who strives to be competitive and successful but an exemplary outfit in the local amateur football scene, holding fast to the values of sportsmanship as befitting our motto: “The Way of the Blacks - Passion, Determination, Chivalry & the Love for the Beautiful Game”.

The Hilderinc Badge





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Hilderincs Given Productive Examination

Posted on February 29, 2020 at 9:05 AM

HFC Media File Picture

With their closing two league fixtures in the ESPZEN Saturday Division 1 in the final couple of week of March, Hilderinc Football Club took the opportunity to ready themselves for the survival crunch with the first of three friendly games as they took of AJPL United from the MOF league.

While results are always a secondary issue, the firm focus was on working out a consistent order of play, especially since the Blacks, after dreadful limitations in numbers throughout the season, have gathered some stability in personnel and matchday numbers to put into effect a return to proficiency, which served them well in the title winning season, just about 18months ago.

However, like last week, when they found themselves short in the midfield options, the Blacks altered their formation to drill in an ancillary plan to maximise available strength, especially when several mainstays were still absent through injuries or travel plans.

Added significance on the day was given to Ryan Ng, who will moving abroad for a major milestone in life with his first employment, and though it was not farewell match, it was an opportunity to wish him best of luck with a game in the Hilderinc colours, also not lost in the occasion was the return of Chua Yuxuan to the side after a long absence.

Though against a lively and eager opponent, the Blacks could not have asked for a better start as a team as they displayed good composure and control as they manage the game with calm and experience, plotting away with their pass and move football.

With Fahmy Barker finding absolute joy down the right flank, the first opportunities of the game fell to Dionisis Kolokotsas, first when he thought he had scored off a corner, only for the United keeper to pluck the ball in mid-air as the ball looked to be heading into the back of the net, and moments later the Greek veteran was an inch away from getting his head to a floated attempt after find himself in yards of space inside the box.

But the Hilderinc had Adi Ravikumar to thank after he headed the ball clear off the line after United looked to have squeezed in a header after a corner of their own just at the stroke of the midway point.

However, having dealt with the warning this side of the water-break, the Blacks were slow to react to the renewed intensity after the resumption, and after immediately calling to action the previously spectator, Christopher Mark in the Hilderinc goal, AJPL Utd took the lead with a highly innocuous attempt, which they failed to halt in the run-up, before the ball sailed in off the upright and into goal.

What followed was a disjointed show by the Hilderincs whose attempt at artistic football failed to deceive their lack of cohesion and focus as they ran helter-skelter up till halftime, which consequently prompted a dressing down during the break.

Returning from the break, and with some alternations, the Blacks reverted to their usual self and upped the gears off the blocks with their usual high press, pass and move football.

Keeping on the front foot, the Hilderincs were constantly looking to exploit the channels to find in roads into the United final third, but they were grateful for another goalline clearance, this time from a Sunny Tharidu head at the near post, to keep a carbon copy of United’s first half attempt out, preventing them from going further adrift.

But the Blacks responded appropriately and found themselves on parity after the enigmatic Aamir Fikri ghosted past two United defenders after having received a through pass from Khai Kamis from his own half, and eyeballing Ian Morris before aligning a pass on the by-line for the skipper to dink the ball into the net, though a little more weight on it might have dealt an embarrassing outcome to the cheeky finish.

The final quarter of the game had the Hilderincs return to their self-assured manner, as they showed good character, keeping the ball as a collective unit from backline to the front, and trying to force the issue with quick decisive breaks, and while they had chances to get the winner through attempts from Ryan Ng, Fahmy Barker and Dionisis Kolokotsas, the final score ended level, giving the Blacks positive takeaways as they continue with their groundwork in their next friendly.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 1 : AJPL Utd 1

Ian Morris 50’

Starting Line-up

1. Christopher Mark

2. Basil Al Barr

3. Dionisis Kolokotsas

4. Nicholas Ledenmark

5. Adi Ravikumar

6. Sunny Tharidu

7. Koh Kah Hoong

8. Ryan Ng

9. Sam Bignell

10. Ian Morris

11. Fahmy Barker


12. Aamir Fikri

13. Chua Yuxuan

14. Khairil “Khai” Kamis

15. Marc Trotter

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Stalemate Sets Up Possible Final Day 6 Pointer

Posted on February 22, 2020 at 8:55 AM

HFC Media File Picture

In a season full of mysterious aftermaths each week, every little headway goes a long way for Hilderinc FC as they played out a “noisy” 0-0 draw against a garrulous Fighting Cocks FC side in the ESPZEN Saturday Division 1.

Fresh from their 5th Annual General Meeting and jolly with the announcement that the famous Muddy Murphy’s will be the Club new sponsors and clubhouse, the Blacks were further enthused by the solid turnout as several of the players returned to action after a prolonged absence, as it has been an undeniable truth that their campaign has suffered greatly with reedy matchday numbers, and none so than the reverse fixture against the Vietnamese back in November when they fell in the final 7minutes after having played with 11 men for much of the game.

Though with a full complement this time around, the lineup consisted of five were lacking in significant game time and a debutant who himself was playing his first game in over a year after injury.

Without couple of mainstays, especially in the middle of the park, the Blacks altered the formation from their usual to play to the strength that was present, meaning a maiden foray in the colours for Sam Bignell as a centre-forward, while Sunny Tharidu and Samuel Lalramnghaka helmed the midfield spot as a pair for the first time.

More than the shuffled pack, the Hilderincs were discomforted by the cantankerous opponents who apart from focusing their attention on keeping them on the backfoot in the opening minutes, dished out a brand of tetchy football, something that they have become infamous in ESPZEN, perhaps it is a cultural thing altogether.

However, the Blacks would count themselves highly fortunate not to go a goal behind early in the game when a shot bounced of the both uprights after strolling the goalline, with everyone rooted to the ground, but that was the closest both teams came to breaking the deadlock throughout the afternoon.

While the Hilderincs vastly developed as the game went on, keeping the ball in the Cocks’ half for prolonged period with their high pressing and defending from the front, they were unable to make the most of the positive build-up play, coming short in the final application.

The second half produced several match winning opportunities for the Hilderincs, who to their credit, did not look that they will lose the game, especially with a well-worked backline, even in a couple of nervous moments, but were lacking in composure when a they were faced with the goal for the taking.

It was an interesting experience nonetheless for the Hilderincs who were in witness for some rather peculiar scenes which would well resemble a fish market somewhere as they struggle to even hear themselves think in all that opposition clamour towards the end (It will be interesting to LISTEN to the video footage), and not to mentioned the three injuries they picked up in matter of minutes after over the board challenges, all of which went unpunished, even a couple of boot to the face earlier in the first half.

However, at the end of day, it was a question of if the Hilderincs had gained a point or lost two in their fight for Division 1 survival, but though it at times felt like the latter, it might prove to be valuable at the end of the season.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 0 : Fighting Cocks FC 0

MOM: Khairil “Khai” Kamis

Yellow Card: Sunny Tharidu

Starting Line-up

1. Christopher Mark

2. Sergey Darovskikh

3. Khairil “Khai” Kamis

4. Dionisis Kolokotsas

5. Adi Ravikumar

6. Samuel Lalramnghaka

7. Sunny Thairdu

8. Aamir Fikri

9. Sam Bignell

10. Ian Morris

11. Fahmy Barker


12. Lim Yong Kiat

13. Basil Al Barr

14. Isyam Jumahat

15. Marc Trotter

16. Mohd Erzan

17. Nabil Zahrif

18. Nicholas Ledenmark